Find out where Java JDK is installed on unix-based systems

Working on unix-based systems (e.g. Linux or Mac) could be a pain when you haven’t installed the system by your own. At work I have in most cases the problem that the servers i am working on are installed individually. Well the SysOps always says „We use puppet, and every Server is installed at the same….“, but often i can not figured out the location where java is installed.

I know that there a a lot of other ways how to find out the location where java is installed, i will show here how to find it out with the RPM tool (assumed java is installed with rpm)
If i figured out another way i will add it here.

One possible way  is to the RPM tool.

  1. Find out if Java is installed as a RPM package
  2. Check which java version is used by the system
  3. Get information about the installed and active package
  4. Get the location path of the installed package files

Now is easy to identify the location where java is installed, here its in the folder jdk1.7.0_72 and the path is: /usr/java/

Thanks to Michi

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