Install Swagger in Java – Jersey 2 Project

Documenting a rest service can be very extensive. Another problem is that every change to the rest service caused an outdated documentation. And the updating of documentation is quickly forgotten. There is where comes in. The documentation with swagger works with annotations which are added to the rest methods. Therefore its very difficult not to update the…

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Wiredep: Bower resource is not added to source code

With wiredep you can wire Bower dependencies to your source code. But in some cases its not working. A problem could be a incorrect bower.json when the main resource is not targeted. Incorrect bower.json in e.g. verge.js dependency without a main reference:

Correct bower.json in jquery dependency with a main reference:

The solution is…

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Find which process is using a specific port on mac os

At work i am starting and stopping always Server oder my IDE in debugging modes on different Ports. And often i forgot them to stop accordingly. When starting a new process i got a Error:

Often its enough to kill the process, but sometimes i dont know which process is blocking a specific port. Here…

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